Augmented Reality Box

Code: AR-B


AR Box Features

  • Realtime video play back
  • Playback: 64Ch 1080P/25fps - 50Ch 4K/25fps
  • Supports x10 users
  • Compatible with 3rd party cameras
  • Supports tag application
  • Supports live video stream from 3rd party CCTV cameras/NVR/DVR


Hardware Specifications
Protocol Supported: GB28181, ONVIF, IPv4, 802.1x, HTTP, DNS, NTP, RTP, RTSP, TCP, UDP
Hardware Configuration: CPU: 2 E5-2640V4, RAM: 16GB, Storage: Mechanical hard disk 1TB, solid state hard disk 128GB
I/0 port: Rear 2pcs USB2.0, 2pcs USB3.0; 1pcs UART16550 serial port; 2pcs Gigabit network port (onboard), 1pcs remote interface, 1pcs VGA
Network port: 10/100/1000Mbps
Voltage input: 100-240V,8-4A,50/60Hz
Power consumption: 500W redundant power source
Size: 482.4*481.5*89.2mm
Weight: 11.65KG
Support 10/100M Network Interface
Supports Onvif protocols
AR Box Functions - Explained

1. Tag Classification Management

Supports both of static tags and dynamic tags with geographic information, like:
Building/Facilities Tag, Monitoring Video Tag, Dynamic Tag etc.

2. Multi-shape Tags Classfication Management

Point tag, Arrow Tag and Area Tag.

3. Customization of Tag Attributes

Tag attributes can be customised by different data (e.g., text, image, video surveillance,
document, link, website, relevant data etc.).

4. Tag Management

Includes adding tags, modifying tags, delete tags

5. Multi-layered Tags Display

All tags can be displayed in multi-layered way in the live view of AR PTZ camera,
it shows different multilevel tags as the zoom level changes.

6. Tag Filtering Display

Tags can be classified by their classification. (e.g. buildings/facilities, video surveillance
cameras, dynamic devices, etc.) If select the video surveillance camera tag, then it
only shows video surveillance tags.

7. Location Search

Supports location search of target object in the live view of AR PTZ camera by input either keyword or tag attributes.AR PTZ Camera will pan the view to target object and focus onto the target object and zoom to the best view.

8. Video Linkage: 1channel ARC, 4Channels IPCs

All live video stream of other CCTV cameras and dynamic video equipment can be opened and displayed on the view of AR PTZ camera in picture-in-picture mode, at the same time, it can operate the PTZ camera directly on the view of AR PTZ camera.


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