Forensic Server

Powerful artificial intelligence technology to manage up to 200 channels of simultaneous analytics


  • Up to 200 channels of analytics
  • Search @ 20x Speed
  • Intel Server based CPU
  • Connect any 3rd party video orientated device
  • Powerful AI

The Cortex Forensic Server is a powerful AI tool that has the ability to connect to any video orientated recording device regardless of manufacturer such as DVRs, NVRs , dashcams, mobile phones and access its stored data for review. The Forensic Server can manage and process up to 200 channels of concurrent video with analytics at any one time. Utilising a pre-specified analytic search, the Forensic Server can in a fully automated manner scan hours and hours of video, then review, flag and identify specific events or incidents at up to 20x real time speed pinpointing specific events of interest in minutes. The AI powered search will dramatically reduce incident response time and will significantly reduce manpower and resource that would normally be required to investigate.


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