Rapid Deployment

Video Verification Solution

Rapid Deployment

The Video Verification Solution (VVS) range offers 100% wireless security solutions for monitoring remote sites or installing in awkward locations. GSM (3G/4G) transmission of images and videos with no port forwarding or complicated configuration means any installation can be quick and easy with no cables to run.

Boasting a 7-week battery life however accompanied with a solar hood it will maintain battery charge for continuous use, the VVS range can help keep even the most remote sites secure and monitored. Built in IR ensures a seamless transition between day and night, combined with integrated PIR, meaning even the stealthiest of intruders will be detected. Up to 32GB of SD card storage, alongside Qvis Monitoring’s dedicated response team means that any and every site can be secure without the need for complicated and time-consuming setups, with a bracket and remote included, and centralised viewing software to make things even easier.

Solar Hoods

The integrated solar panel makes the system independent of external power supply. Will also charge the batteries. No battery change required.


7 weeks standby/operation with rechargable batteries. Solar hood supports continuous power.

Optional Accessories

External PIR – 100ft Wireless – 40ft Motion

External solar panel – use when camera is placed in heavy traffic areas (eg. 100 triggers/day)


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